How to keep improving your English.

  1. Speak more, write more, listen more and read everything and anything. Words are the food of a living language. Get everything you can get your hands on. Be greedy, but not picky. You never know what will flavor the meal you ultimately cook.
  2. Think less. The kind of language you want to learn does not come from thinking too much or second-guessing. It comes by itself when you just let your words fill the silence.
  3. Practice. Learning a language is a job. Learning a new language is a discipline. Without stopping to judge, just keep going. Everything done well takes practice.
  4. Have no goal. Other than to communicate, look at why you want to improve your English and be clear.
  5. Use a net. A butterfly net. Words and phrases will come to you in their own time and place, and not always when you need them. Keep a pen handy. Journal. Write it down. Catch what comes. Maybe you can use it later.
  6. Learn English for yourself. Learning a language for others, to satisfy other people’s opinions and expectations, is a waste of your precious life. You are already your worst critic. Now be your number one fan.
  7. Know who you are trying to communicate with; friends, classmates, teachers, business clients, tourists, people on the internet. Approach your conversation with fearlessness. Be honest. Be open.
  8. Don’t know the person you want to communicate with. The world is vast and wide and does not fit on a Facebook page or Twitter list. Take comfort in not knowing but open to learn what you can about everyone and everything.
  9. Go back to it. There are no tips for learning a new language, only tips to avoid learning a new language. I apologize.
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