Learning English in Mongolia

Beginner English

These lessons will show you how to speak English. Read the lessons, do the exercises and take the quizes before moving to the next lesson. Good luck and enjoy!

Chapter 0: Alphabet & Phonics

  1. Alphabet sounds
  2. Writing the alphabet

Chapter 1: Meeting & Greeting People

  1. Greet someone
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Introduce other people
  4. Give your name
  5. Spell your name
  6. Give your address
  7. Give your phone number
  8. Interview other students
  9. Tell where you’re from
  10. Exchange information
  11. Verb ‘to be’
  12. Yes-No questions
  13. Wh-questions
  14. Tell about people you talk to
  15. Learn about people
  16. Do interviews
  17. Report about your interviews

Chapter 2: People & Places

  1. Make a phone call
  2. Call and find out where people are
  3. Learn places in the community
  4. Find out where people are going
  5. Talk with friends on the phone
  6. Read about busy people
  7. Tell about your family and friends

Getting Around Town

  1. Find out the location of places in the community
  2. Use public transportation
  3. Access public transportation
  4. Using to be and the simple present tense
  5. Give directions to places in the community
  6. Read about someone’s neighborhood
  7. Learn new vocabulary

Chapter 4. Housing & Food

  1. Identify rooms in the home
  2. Describe houses and apartments
  3. Tell about an apartment
  4. Using there is/there are
  5. Using singular/plural
  6. Identify furniture
  7. Using this/that/these/those
  8. Identify count food items
  9. Identify non-count food items
  10. Discuss ingredients
  11. Using count/noncount nouns
  12. Read about someone’s apartment

Chapter 5. At Work

  1. Describe occupations
  2. Using the simple present tense
  3. Tell the occupation of members of your family
  4. Tell about work skills
  5. Using can and can’t
  6. Describe people
  7. Using adjectives
  8. Tell about everyday activities
  9. Using the simple present tense
  10. Days of the week
  11. Tell about family dynamics
  12. adverbs of frequency
  13. Read about a friendship
  14. Tell about yourself

Chapter 6. Health & Emergencies

  1. Identify common ailments
  2. Using have
  3. Make a doctor’s appointment
  4. Locate items in a drug store
  5. Visit a local drug store
  6. Discuss home remedies
  7. Give a medical history
  8. sing to be and the simple present tense
  9. Follow instructions during a medical exam
  10. Using imperatives
  11. Receive directions for taking medications
  12. Tell about remedies for common ailments
  13. Report an emergency
  14. Read about emergency calls
  15. Reenact an emergency situation

Chapter 7. Shopping

  • Ask for articles of clothing in a department store
  • Using singular/plural
  • Select articles of clothing by size and color
  • Describe what people are wearing
  • Find the right article of clothing
  • Using singular/plural and adjectives
  • Locate items and facilities in a department store
  • Using ordinal numbers
  • Purchase items in a department store
  • Visit a local department store
  • Discuss and evaluate prices
  • Read about department stores
  • Tell about personal shopping experiences

Chapter 8. Recreation

  • Tell about weekend plans
  • Using going to
  • Make plans for the day
  • Using want to
  • Weather expressions
  • Make and respond to invitations
  • Using can’t and have to
  • Tell about weekend activities
  • Using the past tense
  • Make plans
  • Using want to
  • The past tense
  • Share information
  • Using to be in the past
  • Discuss cultural and sporting events in your community
  • Read about recreation activities
  • Relate personal experiences
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